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Sell At Top Dollar

Sell for More Money in Less Time Pre-listing Program If you already have a strong equity position in your home and you want to sell your home for as much as you can, we’ll make “smart” improvements based on what your Realtor or Real Estate Agent and B OK Services agree would help you sell…

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Quality Contracts for Quality Contractors

Quality Contractors Pre-listing Program A home improvement is not an improvement unless it is done RIGHT! We don’t ask for short cuts and we don’t accept bad work. That being said, we select the punch list items carefully and any changes would be managed with a change order and possibly an approved supplement. Our quality…

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The Ultimate Win-Win-Win

Pay Us At Closing Pre-listing Program How often have you found yourself in a potential client’s home that needed “just a bit of work”? It happens a lot right? Of those times, how often has your client resisted your suggestions either because they simply didn’t want to put forth the effort, didn’t have the budget,…

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